Club Shirts

New Club Shirts

New IPC club shirts are being ordered. The image shown includes IPSC badges etc.


Shirts may be ordered with ISSF / PA badges if requested.


You may specify your first name only, first and second name, or nickname (provided it is not inappropriate!).


A sizing chart appears below.


We need a minimum of 35 shirts ordered to make this work.


We are also sourcing caps and will add these to this page as soon as details are finalised.


The style, quality and material will be similar to the IPSC shirts Scott usually wears, if you want a closer look.


With the Aussie $ at about USD0.75, they aren't going to be cheap.


At this stage we expect around AUD75.00 per shirt including GST, by the time we freight them here and pay GST and import duty etc.


Please email expressions of interest to


Once sizes and quantities are finalised, payment will be required up front as each of these shirts will be personalised with your own name, and can not be sold to others.