Ipswich Pistol Club Inc runs approved Courses in Firearms Safety 30989QLD and IPSC Introductory Safety and Holster Proficiency courses.


Approved Weapons Safety Courses may be arranged by appointment with the Instructor(s). Please contact either:


Ray S                                  Categories ABH

Phone: 0413 304972

Email: rsimmich@bigpond.com




Scott G                                Categories ABCDH

                                            IPSC Holster Proficiency Examiner

Phone: 0408 828824

Email: scott@ipswichsportingfirearms.com.au


IPSC Safety and Holster Proficiency course requirements are listed in the document below. Contact Scott G to arrange an examination


PLEASE NOTE: You should contact Scott G prior to purchasing any holster intended for competition use - there are strict rules around what holster types are acceptable for competition use




IPSC Safety and Holster Proficiency Course Revised 2012
Safety Holster Proficiency Course Revis
Adobe Acrobat Document 894.9 KB

Guide and Training Manual for Handgun Shooting

Training Manual
handgun guide IPC.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 3.1 MB