We aim to promote the sport of target pistol shooting, in all of its various disciplines.

This is a family sport where we encourage all to come and have a go.


So if you are interested in trying an exciting and challenging sport that is extremely safe and loads of fun, come and visit the Club.


Come and have a blast!




The current operating conditions of the Range are as follows:


·      The number of persons on any range at any one time is 10 persons.

 ·      The Clubhouse and other facilities are open.

 ·      Members are to respect social distancing at all times, and must use hand sanitiser before and after attending the range.

 In relation to the regular Saturday afternoon match:


·         There is a one-way flow when entering Range 3 for the match. Entry via the doorway to Range 2 and exit via doorway on Range4. Range Officer will reinforce these directions.

 ·         COVID19 Register provided at Range Register Cabinet/Table to be signed and filled in by all attendees applying before and after personal sanitising,

 ·         Hands to be sanitised before and after using Club Guns (supervised by RO),

 ·         If you are using your own equipment, you should apply precautions appropriately,

 ·         Targets are to be removed by participant and, either, taken home for disposal or put into bins at the back of Ranges. Patches are to be kept by participant and not returned to the tin. Patch backs are to be disposed of in Range bins when all used,

 ·         Range Officer is to spray booths and tables at completion of Match and after participants have cleared the area.