How to Join the Ipswich Pistol Club

Ipswich Pistol Club welcomes new members.  Not only is being a member of the club a great social experience, a firearms licence is not a requirement to become a member.  However membership of a pistol club is a requirement for a H (Pistol) firearms licence application process.    The application process is as follows:

  1. Complete membership application and submit with support documentation.
  2. Pay membership fees
  3. Committee Approval
  4. Get involved!

Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our secretary at

Membership Application Process

1.0 Ipswich Pistol Club Membership Application Form

To start your membership application, download and review the following brochure which contains information for prospective members and the clubs application form:

Ipswich Pistol Club Membership Application Form
Information For New Members and Membership Application Form
Information for New Members (1Sept23).pd
Adobe Acrobat Document 505.6 KB

2.0 Membership Fees

A $50 application fee is required as part of the application process.  This is non-refundable in the event your application is non re-fundable.   If the application process is successful, the first year's membership fees will be pro-rata amount based on your application date and membership type (individual, family etc)

3.0 Committee Approval

Once the secretary has confirmed your membership application and supporting documentation is correct, your application will be circulated to the committee for consideration.


If the Committee determines to proceed you will be invited to a Committee meeting (usually second Saturday of each month) to meet and greet.


In the event the Committee declines your application your membership subscription will be promptly refunded in full, less the $50 application fee which is non refundable.

4.0 Get Involved!

Once your application is successful, start with the IPC orientation guide, review the clubs calendar and then get involved by trying out all the disciplines and matches.  The discipline captains and fellow members an guide you on next steps such as training, on how to apply for a licence if required and what pistols and gear to start shopping for.

IPC Orientation Guide
Information for New Members (1Sept23).pd
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Becoming a Licenced Pistol Shooter in Queensland
Becoming A Licenced Pistol Shooter in QL
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Application for Statement of Eligibility
QP 0515 Statement of Eligibility to Join
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Weapons Act 1990
Weapons Act 1990
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Weapons Amendment Act 1996
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