Permit to Acquire Club Letter

When you email the Club’s Secretary ( or other Committee Members to request a club letter for your PTA application you must confirm the following:

  1. Club financial status – i.e. are you financial?
  2. Make
  3. Model
  4. Calibre
  5. Action Type (revolver / semi auto / break / bolt etc)
  6. Magazine / Cylinder capacity
  7. Barrel Length
  8. Which match(s) you intend to use the firearm for

Please be aware of the restrictions in the Weapons Act 1990 and the Weapons Regulation 2016 about what calibres of firearm you may lawfully possess for sporting competition:


Section 132 (1)(a) of the Weapons Act limits firearms which may be possessed for sporting use pursuant to a Cat H licence to .38 calibre, and then in s 132(2) allow a higher calibre if participating in an ‘accredited event’ (Cat H Class C endorsement); accredited event is defined in the Weapons Regulations 2016 to be a metallic silhouette or single action match with a firearm of up to but not exceeding .45cal.