IPC Level 2 IPSC Matches for 2024

Hello Fellow IPSC Members 


Here is some info regarding our planned upcoming IPSC Level 2 Matches for 2024. Good News as we have moved our regular Memorial 2 Day Match to April to hopefully enjoy the cooler weather !!


I would like to propose we have an unofficial IPSC Match Design Committee this year where we could meet up prior to each Match and discuss ideas of catering, trophies, stages etc as I can see this being a more inclusive and supportive nature to everyone involved rather than the usual Members doing everything every time. If you are interested in this please let me know as I would like the first meeting to be 10th Feb after the Committee meeting where we can discuss options for the Mar shoot.


The IPSC Club Matches are a Great thing for our club as it not only shows off our capabilities and stagecraft to other IPSC QLD clubs but it also brings in muchly needed revenue to the club which we can then use to grow and improve our facilities, targets, clubhouse etc and hopefully this year a Christmas In July Night BBQ for All Club Members and their Families. The time it takes to put these Matches on, as you all should know, is very involved and takes a lot of organising, setting up etc and if we are to continue putting these IPSC Matches on we will need your help in doing so.


The club facilities are starting to look great and there is minimal waste/rubbish around and we now have allocated locations for stage walls, props, poppers etc however they need a little tweaking to accommodate all of our Props, just haven't had the time to finesse this.

We also have a Club Maintenance shed that is allocated for repairing all range props etc, so we are actually moving forward as a club and hopefully when these little things get organised better we then have a quicker set up/pack up time which allows for a lot more shooting.


These are our dates for 2024:

10 Mar 24 - Lvl 2 Grand Slam

20/21 Apr 24 - Haggarty Family Memorial

25 Aug 24 - Lvl 2 Grand Slam

27 Oct 24 - Lvl 2 Grand Slam


Note: There will be working bees prior to these dates for set up etc - these to be organised at later date


If any of you would like to put forward any stage designs for our 10 Mar 24 shoot or any of the other dates it would be greatly appreciated, however you 100% must be present to set the stage up. Please get your stage idea on paper with a rough layout, round count, start position etc and what range you would prefer. (Refer downloadable match info below) The stage designs for a Grand Slam would normally be 3,2,1 which means we have 3 Small stages up to 12rnds, 2 Med stages up to 24 rnds and 1 Lrg Stage up to 32 Rnds. If you could email me your design by the 9th Feb so we can look at and discuss options on the 10th Feb.


Happy to answer any questions 



Greg Murty

IPSC Capitan


Haggarty Stages
Haggarty Stages.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 38.8 MB