February Weds Night and IPSC Level 1 Match Info

Wednesday 7th Feb Night Shoot

 Just letting you know our next Wednesday Night shoot will be 7th Feb starting at 6pm. Unfortunately we are no longer able to assist Unlicensed Members on these Wednesday evenings.  If you are unlicensed and require support you will have to organise that with Rick Muller on the Saturdays for now. I apologise for any inconvenience caused by this. If you are Unlicensed and want to come and watch either Wednesday or Saturday shoots you are most welcome (Can meet other Members and socialise)


Saturday Level 1 Shoot 10th Feb

Our Level 1 Club Match will be on 10th Feb starting at 0730 (change and organise stages ) for first rounds 0900. 


IPC Committee Meeting 10th Feb

We will be having our Committee meeting on at 12pm. You are ALL invited to these Committee meetings as Financial Members and I recommend that you do go because if you want change well ...... that's the time and platform to bring things up. Obviously go through you discipline Captains, however if you see something that's not working well lets discuss it so it does, which then hopefully improves things for you all.


I am looking at putting together a Social Group Page so we can communicate easier with each other about future shoots, club items etc. - Your Thoughts ???

Hope to see you all there 



Greg Murty

IPSC Captain